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Do I need web hosting?

If you want to be a part of the Internet space as a business company, information resource, directory, or as a person wanting to share data, information and knowledge about various kind of stuff with all people and communities on the Internet, you have to make a website and post it on the Internet.

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Nowadays, our modern society requires every person in business company to have a website, not just to be competitive but to survive. Web hosting companies exist to provide web hosting services (in form of web hosting plans) for the public to own a personal piece of web space, 24/7 and at low cost.

A web hosting plan offers you a web space to place your files, data, documents, and bulletins for people to access with their web browsers and an e-mail services for you to send and receive e-mail messages. To obtain all these you should become a member and agree to terms and conditions of renting the web space. Once you agree and become a member, you are given a login and password to access your own web space (web hosting account). This account information allows you to connect to the web hosting provider and up-load (transfer to) files to your website so it can be up-to-date. Your login and password is also used to create and administer all e-mail accounts, send and receive e-mails for you, your staff, or family members.